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CCMB postdocs and students attend 2024 TAGC

In March, CCMB postdocs and students attended and shared their research at the The Allied Genetics Conference in Washington DC.

The 2024 Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) brought together thousands of researchers working across fields in genetics. 

CCMB Ph.D Candidate Elizabeth (Elsie) Chevy gave a talk at the conference, presenting alongside others studying Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics. Her abstract was selected for oral presentation in the Methodological Advances in Population Genomics session organized by Sara Mathieson. Elsie talked about a collaborative project she is co-leading, Population genetics meets ecology: a guide to simulations in continuous geography.  Her work explores how to simulate populations that live in geographic space.

Several other CCMB community members from Sohini Ramachandran's, Erica Larschan's, and Ritambhara Singh’s labs were in attendance.  Postdocs Xiran Liu and Alex Diaz-Papkovich, and students Abby Kuntzleman, Ananya Pavuluri, Tuan Pham, and Cole Williams all presented work during a poster session. 

“It was a great experience learning from other domains as TAGC brought all allied research together,” says CCMB Ph.D. student Tuan Pham.

Besides presenting, CCMB students got up to lots of other conference fun!  Students met with collaborators, friends, and CCMB alums over meals and drinks to build their networks and socialize. In their downtime, they visited some of the many museums that DC has to offer.