Data Science Insitute
Center for Computational Molecular Biology


Below are the courses taught by the faculty and trainers affiliated with the Center for Computational Molecular Biology as well as those graduate level courses recommended for Computational Biology Graduate Students.

Applied Math

APMA 1080 Inference in Genomics and Molecular Biology Harrison, Khoshnevis
APMA 1650 Statistical Inference I Team Taught
APMA 1690 Computational Probability and Statistics

Team Taught

APMA 2610 Recent Applications of Probability and Statistics Geman


Division of Biology & Medicine

BIOL 0380 Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease Weinreich
BIOL 0470 Genetics Larschan, Johnson, Reenan
BIOL 0480 Evolutionary Biology Rand
BIOL 0495 Statistical Analysis of Biological Data Ramachandran

BIOL 1222A/2222B

Current Topics in Functional Genomics Fairbrother
BIOL 1430 Foundations of Population Genetics Weinreich
BIOL 1435 Computational Methods for Studying Demographic History with Molecular Data Huerta-Sanchez
BIOL 1465 Human Population Genomics Huerta-Sanchez
BIOL 1525 Pathogenomics Siddle, Cuomo
BIOL 1540/2540 Molecular Genetics Huang
BIOL 1555 Methods in Informatics and Data Science for Health Sarkar, Chen
BIOL 1565 Survey of Biomedical Informatics Sarkar
BIOL 2010B Intro to Data Science in Molecular Biology Neretti
BIOL 2150 Scientific Communication Ramachandran, Larschan
BIOL 2430/2440 Topics in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Fuxjager
BIOL 2545 Human Genetics and Genomics


NEUR 1530 Communication in the Brain O'Connor-Giles


Computer Science

CSCI 1420 Machine Learning Bach
CSCI 1430 Computer Vision Sridhar
CSCI 1470/2470 Deep Learning Singh
CSCI 1810/2810 Computational Molecular Biology Istrail
CSCI 1820 Algorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology Istrail
CSCI 2952G Deep Learning in Genomics Singh

School of Public Health

PHP 2520 Statistical Inference Wu
PHP 2530 Bayesian Statistical Methods Gutman
PHP 2601 Linear Models Eloyan
PHP 2605 Generalized Linear Models Eloyan
PHP 2620 Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics Wu