Center for Computational Molecular Biology


Computational Biology Program. Students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.

Students pursuing the ScB have the option of electing a concentration in Computational Biology with one of three focus areas:

  • Computer Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Applied Mathematics & Statistics 

Both programs require a senior capstone experience that pair students and faculty in creative research collaborations.

Become a Computational Biology Concentrator

  1. Fill out the application on ASK.
  2. Meet with your advisor to complete the undergraduate worksheet.

Comp Bio Honors Registration

In order to be considered a candidate for honors, students will be expected to maintain an outstanding record in concentration courses. In addition, students should take at least one semester, and are strongly encouraged to take 2 semesters, of reading and research with a CCMB faculty member or approved advisor to complete their research. Students must submit to a public defense of their theses to be presented in an open forum to the CCMB community scheduled in the latter half of April.


  • 1st Friday in October
    • submit the below form registering your honors thesis and advisor
    • submit a 1 page outline of your project including working title, and a few brief paragraphs describing the research project, the lab you will be working with, methodology you will be using, and your desired end goal for the project to
  • 1st Friday in February
    • submit a short progress report regarding your research project to
    • include the name of the second reader (faculty member not your advisor)
  • 1st Friday in April
    • submit final draft of thesis project to
  • 3rd Week of April
    • Present your thesis project and findings in the Comp Bio Honors Thesis presentations, date will be circulated in Fall semester.

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